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Let's have a look at GlobiMail for Podio in action. This example run-through is based on our own CRM.

Initial Contact

Usually, new inquiries come in via email or website. We're using Podio's fantastic Webform feature which automatically creates a new Podio Item when the visitor fills in the form:

Going to Podio, you'll see this new Item in your App.

Notice the comment that GlobiMail added to the Item already. It shows some interesting things:

  • The Item's direct email address
  • An HTML Mailto: Link to send a New Message

If you've set up the New Item Notification in GlobiMail, you will also receive an email summary that you can reply to directly to reply to the lead:

Replying to the Customer

There are 2 ways now to reply to this contact. You can either click on the New Message link in Podio (this is the link that GlobiMail added to the Item), or you can reply directly to the New Item notification that you received.

Either way, the results are pretty much the same. You can easily send a message back to the customer.

When you send this message, it will automatically be added to your lead in Podio:

I'm sure we've all seen email chains get very long. Notice how GlobiMail tries to prevent clutter in your Podio Workspace by removing signatures and any historical details of your email message? Only the most pertinent details of the current message are added as a comment.

When the customer contact reads the email, it will be shown in the comment in Podio again:

(Please note that individual security settings can prevent read notifications from working).

Similarly, any response that the customer sends to you:

... gets automatically added to the Podio lead:

Notice again how all the extraneous details are removed from the email and only the most important part of the message was added to Podio.

More importantly, notice how you did not have to do any copy and pasting to get this information in Podio. Every message is automatically added.

Responding to Old Inquiries

What if some time passes before you follow up on your leads? Usually you'd have to dig through your inbox for the last message they sent to you and reply to that message.

This is where the << Reply link from GlobiMail comes in handy. Just click on this link, and a new message window will open using your favourite email program, ready to reply to the contact:

Out of Context using BCC Drop Box

Every now and then, a customer will send you an email without replying to your message. This means that GlobiMail would not file it in Podio automatically, for example:

What do you do now? Manually copy and paste this message into Podio? NO!

Simply forward this message to the App's BCC Drop Box address. (You can find the BCC Drop Box addresses of each App in GlobiMail on the "Apps" page).

  1. Click "Forward".
  2. Change the "To" field to the BCC Drop Box address.
  3. Click "Send".

And the message will appear in Podio:

To reply to this message, simply click on the << Reply link that GlobiMail created with the comment (do not reply to the original out-of-context email from the contact).

Notice how GlobiMail was able to interpret that the email actually was originally sent by the customer? Even though it was forwarded by me, and therefore I was the sender of this email.

Similarly, any email you send, and CC or BCC to your BCC Drop Box address, will end up in Podio.

The best way to find out just how much time and effort GlobiMail for Podio will save you, is to take it for a test drive.
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