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Benefits & Features of GlobiMail for Podio

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Easy Email Integration

For any Podio apps connected to GlobiMail, GlobiMail for Podio will create a comment on all items with a link to reply to the customer or create a new email to the customer.

Simply click on the "Compose New Message" link to start communicating with the contact via email.

Easily start an email inside Podio

Email Correspondence Logging

All emails initiated from a link in Podio, will automatically be added to the relevant Podio Item as a comment. All replies in the email thread will also be automatically be added. No need to copy & paste into Podio. No need to give your customers access to Podio.

Simply click on any "Reply" link to keep the conversation going.

Email message becomes Podio comment

Email Open Rate Tracking

Know when your customers opened and read their email. Each email that goes through GlobiMail tracks open rates, and the comment in Podio will show when an email was read.

Email Open Rate Tracking

BCC Drop Box

Similar to big-box CRM systems, with BCC Drop Box, you can send (forward, cc, bcc) any email to your Podio App, and GlobiMail will find the relevant Podio Item by matching the email address of the contact with the sender & recipient of the email or forwarded email.

BCC Drop Box

Boilerplate Canned Responses

GlobiMail lets you manage common boilerplate texts that you send often. When composing new emails and replies, you can insert a boilerplate canned response with the click of a button, no need for copying and pasting.

Insert Boilerplate Canned Responses

Webhooks for Workflow

Premium Plans can set webhooks to external services, which will post the details of a message every time an email is sent or received, and when an email is delivered, bounced, or read by the recipient. Works great with GlobiFlow and Zapier.

Webhooks for Workflow

Email to Podio Item

Sometimes you just want to forward an email to a Podio item directly. GlobiMail will make a comment on all items giving it's direct email address. Forward any email to this address and it gets added to the item instantly.

Forward an email directly to a Podio item

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