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Use the Apps tab to manage the Connected Podio Apps

The number of Podio Apps that can be connected is dependent on your selected Plan Size.  
The Free Trial is equivalent to the Core Plan.  

Connect a Podio App

  • Click Add Podio App button to start the connection.  

  • Select the drop-down for a list of Podio Apps that are available to connect to GlobiMail.
    Must have Admin access to connect the App, if the App is not in the list, confirm your Member Level in Podio and complete a Refresh from Podio.

  • Next, select the App Field that stores the Contacts' Email Address. 

    • Not applicable will Manually add recipients to each email

    • Send to the Workspace Contacts stored in the field in this App

    • Send to emails stored in a Single-line Text field or Email field in this App

    • Send to emails stored in a Single-line Text field or Email field in a Referenced App
  • You can also select a Podio Field that will be the default for the Email Subject.  Leave blank to define the subject on each email.

  • Click SAVE to connect the App and start the sync.
    The total number of App Items is shown at the bottom.

    • The sync creates a direct email address that is used by GlobiMail on each of the current items in the App.
      This email is a combination of the GlobiMail App Address and the Podio Item ID.

    • These direct email addresses will then be added to each subsequent new Item in the Connected App.
      If these addresses are not populating, see possible issues and how to force a re-sync using the Reload Podio Items 

    • TRICK: Easily copy this email address to your clipboard using the @ symbol in the Activity header.

Manage Podio Apps

Hover over the Connected App to view the GlobiMail App Address and bring up the Advanced Options

Configure Settings

Control the Apps behavior and change the default settings. 
See the Configure Settings page for more information on the App Settings.

Moderate Comments

Podio Users cannot modify comments made by GlobiMail to a Podio Item.  
To edit and remove comment emails from the App, see Moderate Comments.

Reload All Podio Items (Force Sync)

Re-sync the Podio Items in the App to the configured settings. 
Go to Reload Podio Items.

Remove App

Remove the Connected App from GlobiMail.  
This also removes the Message Links created in the Podio App.


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