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  • View Account Details

    • View the Billing History to print invoices and receipts
      Enter Invoice Details to add Company Data to the printed invoice.
      Add an Email Address where you would like your Invoices emailed.

    • Change Subscription Plan to update the plan size and/or update your credit card information
      Plan Options available will depend on the Connected Apps.  
      Any changes create a new subscription, resulting in a pro-rated refund for the previous. 

    • If at any time you wish to cancel, choose Cancel Account
      Don't forget to leave your feedback...

  • View Account Usage
    • Total number of Connected Apps in the Total allotted to the Plan Size
    • Total number of Emails Processed in the Current and Previous month 
  • Adjust GlobiMail User Access
    Click Add New User to allow other users to have access
    • Note: User must have Admin Access in the Podio App
  • Adjust who receives the Daily Summary
    This report includes Spam Quarantine Log, etc.


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