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Getting Started with GlobiMail GlobiMail is the complete Email solution for Podio. It was created to manage your email conversations directly on a Podio Item. This is perfect for tracking sales opportunities, running a help desk, . . . [more]
Account Overview & My Team Account Overview ~ View Account Details ~ View the Billing History to print invoices and receipts Enter Invoice Details to add Company Data to the printed invoice. Add an Email Address where you w . . . [more]
Webmail Settings Webmail Settings ~ Shared Team Addresses can be set to be used by any Podio User when composing emails. Emails must be composed in Browser in order to select these shared addresses. ~ Create Boile . . . [more]
Connected Podio Apps Use the Apps tab to manage the Connected Podio Apps The number of Podio Apps that can be connected is dependent on your selected Plan Size. The Free Trial is equivalent to the Core Plan. Connect a . . . [more]
Sending Email from Podio Send a New Email Easily click the desired link to start a conversation. ~ Use the Compose New Message link in the Email Tracking field added to the App Template To remove or connect this field, go . . . [more]
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